These are step by step instructions how to start earning money with My Passive Trades:

  1. /welcome/investment-advice/First you have to register an account: REGISTRATION
  2. After you have registered an account, you log into the project: LOGIN (notice: when you log in to the project, there is a 10 second log-in add. Wait until 10 seconds pass then click on “skip ad” button in the upper right corner)
  3. Once you are logged in, you will see menu bar on the left side. Click on “MY WALLET” and then in sub-menu click on “Deposit Money”.
  4. Next step is to enter the amount of money (US $) you want to depositt. Enter only number without anything else! Choose the payment method (bitcoin or PerfectMoney). To deposit with bitcoin, you must have already your bitcoin wallet ready. The following instructions are made for bitcoin deposit:
  5. When you enter the amount of $ you want to deposit and chosen “bitcoin” as a deposit method, you confirm the selection by clicking on the “fund account” button and confirm in the next screen with clicking on “confirm payment”.
  6. A new screen will open, the payment gateway COINPAYMENTS.NET, where first you have to choose with which crypto coin you will make a deposit (available crypto coins are: BTC (bitcoin), BCH (bitcoin-cash) and ETH (ethereum) and with each selection you already see how much of that crypto coin you will have to transfer. So choose the option that is best for you and click on it. It will change color to green. Then on the right side of screen you have to enter your data – your name and email (notice: you don’t have to register an account with COINPAYMENTS!). Finish the procedure with click on “complete checkout”.
  7. Screen will redirect and in the next screen you will see exact amout of chosen crypto coin you have to transfer (amount remaining) and to which crypto address (account) you have to transfer it.
  8. Transfer the coins from your wallet to the account specified from COINPAYMENTS gateway. (notice: be thorough and transfer exactly the amount they specified and to the account they specified. If you transfer less, the transaction will not be completed! If you transfer to any other account, your transaction will not be completed! Take into account you also need to cover the transaction fee!
  9. Once the transaction is made, it will be completed, when 2 or 3 confirmations of the transaction are done on blockchain. COINPAYMENTS will send you a confirmation on your email address. A little later (usually about an hour later), you will see the money in your account on My Passive Trades website. (MY WALLET –> WALLET BALANCE).
  10. When you receive money on your My Passive Trades account, you go to the next step, which is to buy Platinum Ad Packs. Only active Ad Packs will bring you earnings each day. In the menu bar on the left click on “Platinum Packs” and then in sub-menu “BUY PLATINUM ADPACKS”. In the next screen you enter number of AdPacks you want to buy into the field “Enter units” (notice: each ad pack cost $5.00, so if you have $100.00 on your MPT account, you can buy 20 adpacks!) Then choose the payment option and confirm by clicking on “Buy Now” button.
  11. Congratulations! You have successfully bought your first ad packs! What follows is the best part of this: 24 hours after you have bought each pack, the earnings are calculated. You have to manually transfer earnings from your platinum ad packs to your MPT account! Open the “PLATINUM ADPACKS” –> “MY PLATINUM ADPACKS” and on the screen that opens, click on the “Trasfer All To Wallet” button, which you will see in the upper right corner of screen. All your earnings will be transfered to your MPT account and you can now use them to either withdraw to you On-Line wallet or use them to buy new platinum ad packs! To maximize the profits in this project, I suggest you read the suggestions on the “investment advice” page.

Perhaps you can understand this more easily if you watch videos on YouTube: YouTube MPT tutorial