1. How do I know that the statements on this website are true and not just a trick to take my hard earned money?

Payment proof are available here. Personally I belive that this is a good and reliable project, otherwise I would not invest my money in it. I have done a lot of research and I have spoken with project team members personally and I belive what they do is honest and profitable business.

2. Can I lose the money if I invest into this project?

The only assurance I can give you are the payment proofs. If you think that the information presented on this website is misleading or false, then the only advice I can give you is to not join the project. Only the bank guarantees you that your money is safe and even the banks put a lot of restrictions on their warranty.

3. Is this project a pyramid or ponzi scheme?

This Project is not pyramid / ponzi scheme. Pyramid scheme means, that person runnig the project takes the money from new members to payout the older members. Pyramid scheme works only as long as enough new members is joining the scheme, then it collapses. Pyraimd schemes don’t have actuall external income source and therefore their collapse is innevitable. Team behind the project My Passive Trades is constantly showing us that this is real business. They communicate with community (Facebook group) every days and they also organize live Q&A meetings where people can ask any question they have about the project. Every member can verify with his own eyes how the trading is conducted (LIVE TRADING ROOM). The actual profit this project distributes (0,2% daily) is quite possible and realistic to achieve with trading on forex and Crypto markets.

4. Is it neccessary to get new members in my downline to earn with this project?

NO! Your earnings in the project does not depend on your ability to promote the project and get new members. You will earn from every active Ad Pack you have until you get back 125%. However, you can earn more if you invite new members into the project. (referral comission is 8%).

5. What is the minimum sum to invest in My Passive Trades?

Minimum invest is $5,00.

6. What is the minimum withdraw?

Minimum withdraw is $10.00! Money can be withdraw to any bitcoin wallet or Perfect Money account.

7. How fast will I receive my money after I make a withdraw request?

Withdraw requests are processed each day. You will receive your withdraw in the same day.

8. Does My Passive Trades charge any fee upon withdraw request?

YES, withdraw fee is 1%.

9. Are the withdrawals of money from the project limited in any way?

NO! You can make a withdraw request anytime you want, the only limitation is the minimum withdraw amout, which is $10.00!

10. Do we get profit acrual each day or only on business days?

As the saying goes: “money never sleeps”. Similarly trading also never stops (mainly with crypto coins). Earning from your active Ad Packs is calculated and added to your account every 24 hours after the Ad Pack was bought! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year!

11. Do I have to eatch ad for the earnings to be acrued each day?

NO! Watching ads is optional. With every ad you watch you gain advertising credits which you can use to promote other good projects or any other website that you deem worthy of advertising. You also get advertising credits with every Ad Pack you buy!

12. Do I have to log-in to the project website each day? Is the activity on the site a requirement to earn money with this project?

NO! It is not neccessary to login to the project website each day. You will still earn from your active Ad Packs even if you don’t log-in. BUT if you want to compound to grow your account and to be able to earn more, it is defintelly recommended that you log-in to the project website at least once each day and buy new Ad Packs with the money you earned (follow your personal investment plan).

13. Website My Passive Trades is not available at this moment! I cannot log-in! What is wrong?

Because the project My Passive Trades is a very good project more and more new members are joining it each day. Because of such rapid growth in membership base, the data-bases need to be constantly improved and optimized. While the project team is working on updates and optimizations, sometimes the website is not accessible. BUT do not panic! There is no reason to panic! Try to log in a little bit later and you will see that the website will be working then. Mostly the updates to website are done on weekends. Join the My Passive Trades group on FaceBook, there are always people who will answer any question you might have and help you.