The project, I am about to present to you is called MY PASSIVE TRADES.

Project My Passive Trades (MPT) is generating profits with trading on FOREX and CRYPTO markets. This is a revenue share platform which means that they distribute the profits they make with people who invest money into the project. Investment is made with purchase of “Pltinum Ad Packs”, each one cost $5,00 and delivers 1% daily until a total of 125% is gained (in 125 days). Part of the profits the project makes goes toward covering the operating expenses and part is shared to investors.

Why do I belive and trust this project?

  1. Known team (team members are publicly exposed and are not hiding themselves) – Team leader Mr. Darren Bradbury regularly communicates with project members over the social media and everyone is able to follow the project announcements and news regularly. Also there are numerous videos available on YouTube and the team regularly organizes “live hangouts”, where every attendee is able to ask any question they might have about the project and receive immediate answers to all their questions.
  2. Real trading and 100% transparency – the project management is completely transparent. Their business plan is public and logicall. Every project member can sing into the “live trading room”, where he (or she) can check out with their own eyes how the company is making profits.
  3. Long-term business model – sustainable business – project pays out part of the profits it makes to people which invest into it. It does not promise unrealistic profits, so after a very carefull research and investigation I made, I am confident that this is a real project and that their business model is sustainable.
  4. Active social group on FaceBook – join us in the group: You will be able to participate in discussion, you can ask any question you might have about the project. Grow your money together with over 35.000 members and see why people trust their money and put it into this project. This trully is worth of your trust!

What can you achieve with investment into this project:

Start investmentValue after one yearmonthly income*

* This value represents monthy recurring income (withdrawable profits) after one year of compounding with keeping the initial investement the same size.

The values shown in the table are calculated based on a starting investment (first column), which is compounded one year (this means that every time you reach $5.00 on your MPT account, you but a new Platinum Ad Pack) and repeat this process for one year). After one year, your MPT account will be worth the value which you see in the second column, and after one year passes, you will be able to withdraw the sum you see in the third column every month, while keeping your investment on the same level.

* Money deposit with bitcoin on your MPT account goes through the CoinPayments payment gateway. They accept different crypto currencies as a form of payment (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum…)
You don’t need to open account with CoinPayments company. Your payment can be made from any crypto wallet supporting bitcoin or Ethereum or Litecoin crypto coins.
All money withdrawals can be made only with bitcoin and not in other crypto coins. You will receive your bitcoins directly to your bitcoin wallet, which you enter into your MPT account settings. All withdrawals are processed in the same day!
** Every purchased Pltinum Ad Pack will expire when the daily income you receive from it reaches a total value of 125%. That happens after 125 days. This means that you received back $6.25 for every pack you bought for $5.00! For 125 days you will receive 1% ($0.05) until the total gain is 125%. The total return on investment of $6.25 is a sum of your initial investment of $5.00 plus a profit of $1.25 (which is 25% on the $5.00. So daily profit for each Passive Trades Pack is $0.01, while $0.04 is the return of invested money.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this website does not represent the investment advice. It is only a presentation of the possibility of income.