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There is really a lot of on-line projects which offer earnings, but the real ART is to weed-out those, which will actually make you money and bring you profit and not just take your money and run away.

This is my list of active earning projects, in which I invested my money and they bring me profits. All these are verified projects which I recommend:

  1. Diversity Fund Club – revenue share
  2. OneAdPack – revenue share
  3. Sanze Profit – revenue share
  4. Lucrative Fund – revenue share
  5. 8Bit Ltd. – long-term HYIP project
  6. Solid Trade Bank – long-term HYIP project
  7. City Build Trade – long-term HYIP project
  8. Better Bits Club – revenue share
  9. EPEX Unity – long-term HYIP project
  10. PaidVerts – Paid to Click
  11. PTC Share – Paid to Click
  12. CryptoSurf – revenue share
  13. AdFeedz – revenue share
  14. AdTokenz – Paid to Click
  15. EOBOT – crypto mining platform
  16. Plus500 – FOREX trading platform
  17. eToro – FOREX and CRYPTO trading platform

More information about any of these projects is available upon request. Contact me!