I’m no special person. I am not professional trader, investor or financial advisor. I don’t earn with money lending. I work full time each day and as most people like me, I realized quite some time ago, that once I reach the age for retirement, the pension will not suffice for a decent living.

So I searched on the internet for an opportunity to earn some extra money. And after almost 8 years I can say that I have found several opportunities, which are not scams and which earn me extra money each day. But beware there is huge number of earning projects on the internet and weeding out the ones that will not steal your money, but actually make you profit is an ART! And to find out which opportunities are worth your time and money, well, that takes a lot of time!

Finally I have reached the point in my life, when I can say: “I do have good and reliable passive external income sources!” I only hope I can help you avoid some of the mistakes I have made on my journey to this point.

If you trust me, come along, earn money with me and I am sure you will not regret it!